“Ms. Vandana provided me with care and guidance throughout the admissions process. She continuously followed up with me and offered helpful and valuable advice. Not only was the entire application process made easier for me by going through Futures Abroad, but I also gained crucial knowledge about my career prospectus. Futures Abroad offers a great service and on top of that you get the added bonus of getting to know Ms. Vandana which is a delight on its own.”

  • Danial Khan, American university of Dubai, Session: 2017-18

“Futures Abroad visited my school Rishikul Vidyapeeth where I met Ms. Ralhan from the Delhi office. They came there for a career counselling session with students and to show them the ways to explore the world abroad and look at the opportunities which show up ahead when a person graduates from any prestigious institution from abroad. At the same time I made my mind that I am going to take my admission to go abroad.

I chose Hotel Management as my career choice. I was always fascinated by the options in the industry and the Hotel life intrigued me. Futures Abroad helped me explore my options and I chose ‘Shannon College of Hotel Management,’ Ireland as my college.

It was a great experience with mam as she helped me in all the ways she could and was very cooperative. I am very happy to be here at this college and also very grateful to Mrs. Kanchan Ralhan and Futures Abroad to make me stand where I am today.

Thank you so very much.”

  • Gaurav Yadav, Shannon college, Ireland, Business and International Hospitality program, Session: 2017-18

“In our first meeting itself , Ms. Kanchan inspired a lot of confidence , which was very important for us at the time when we were struggling and completely confused with multiple options in country , university and course selection . With thorough knowledge of what each of these options has to offer , futures abroad made our decision making easier”

  • Ms. Trupti Bhandari, McGill University, Canada, Sept 2017 -2018

“I have had such an amazing experience with Futures abroad dealing with Vandana, she has been there for me through every step and helped me conquer any difficulties I faced in my way, thanks to her today I will have a successful future studying my favourite course in one of the top universities in Canada. I would recommend every student looking to go abroad to come here as she will truly treat you like her own and give the best advice you can get.
Thank you once again :)!

Hats off Futures Abroad! You defied even my best expectations. The credit is all yours!”

  • Noora Ahsan

“University applications and its subsequent procedures can be a nightmare. At least, that’s what my friends tell me. However, I had an ace up my sleeve in the form of Futures Abroad. Despite having never met Ms. Vandana until the final stage of accepting my offer, she worked with me throughout and helped me at every step whether it be shortlisting universities or knowing what to expect when I join in September. With her and her resources always accessible through Skype, Whatsapp or email, she has made sure that I would come out at the end of it all as a Rotman Commerce student of University of Toronto. It’s been an inspiring and motivating ride with you (especially the constant reminders to keep my grades up!) and I really could not thank you enough.

Hats off Futures Abroad! You defied even my best expectations. The credit is all yours!”

  • Adithya Rajeev, University of Toronto


Before meeting Futures Abroad, the whole process of searching, applying and securing admission in Universities seemed like a very daunting and intimidating task. However, they really helped me with everything University related and has even helped me analyze my possible career paths and select the best suited program for myself. Now thanks to Futures Abroad, I have accepted an offer from University of Toronto to study Computer Science.

I’d really like to thank Vandana and Seema for all the help they have given me, and I highly recommend to choose Futures Abroad for their excellent service!”

  • Rahil Sultan Ahmed, University of Toronto

“I want to say a sincere thank you for making my dream comes true , it wouldn;t even possible for me to make it this far without your help and my family true wishes and high hopes. It was a privilege  to meet such a wonderful , joyful , supportive , professional and mentor people who believes in you and wish you the best. Both of you Ms.Vandana and Ms.Sema believed in me and never let me in the middle of the way , and we had a a lot of up and down moments , when I look at the past I cant imagine how time flew just like that . From a wisher and a dreamer to someone who is on his way to achieve and follow his dreams. Yes its called Futures Abroad , and trust me its got all that meaning. it was funny , how did we met the other day in the employee exhibition in Fujairah and how it starts .I miss the memorable times we had and the meeting we did had everytime I remember Franchesca the translator I remember how much did she gave u a hard time , well she was hard to deal with XD but we never stopped and u always used to tell me ” its gonna be alright , dont worry khaled “

I promise you that I will maintain this performance throughout my career , and ill never let you down , You have my word , thank you for everything. It means the world to me and my family , and i know how much the  teacher is proud of his students when he sees them grow up and became a better people for the society and share his dreams and spread the message of peace and love. And I want to express my opinion about continuing study . Always remember to

1– listen from your elders and from the experienced people , whether they were your family , doctors that went throw that stage , and ask them about their opinion in the things ur planning to do

2– Visual succeed believe u can do it . not now , not after one year . I had the dream to continue my master degree since 3 years . so I worked for it , Its possible As long there is a Will there is a Way.

3–And this came from my doctor Tomas Shibu he said ” if ur planning to do something think of three things (what will u study , are you planning to come back , and whats your future plans ).

I believe  that we should work hard to get what we want to do , and to try to find a solution , and trust me till this moment and im outside i still got some problem but still everything can be managed if we take it easy and planned well. Thank you so much Ms.Vandana and Ms.Sema for the opportunity to make my dream become true and possible , it was a special time in my life going throw each step  to reach to this point . People may not realize how much time we had put into it , it was a 3 years of preparation after graduation , 5 months of meeting, interviews , acceptance exam and visa . and it will always be Golden stage of my life meeting you and listening to peoples advise all the way here.

oh by da wat the gost in the international hosting is very nice , and she always gives me advises and I always listen to her her name is Ms.Tana and im happpy god is always surrounding me with such a sweet people that show sympathy to me and help me out 🙂

Its not a goodbye , its ill see you again alright , and trust me our path will cross again 🙂  . AND WE WILL CUT THE CAKE 🎂 🌹🏵🌸🌼🌷🌺🌻💐🏵🌹💮💮🌸🌸🌸🌹🌻🌹🏵🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌼🌼🌼🌸🌸💮💮💮🏵🏵🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺🌻🌻💐🌷🌷🌷🌼🌼🌸🌸🌷🌷🌷🌸🌷🌷🌼🌷🏵🏵🌹 🏵🏵🌹🌹💮🌸 thank youuuuuuuu  😀 

  • Dr. Khaled Attourah, UK – Dentistry

“Futures Abroad in-depth knowledge of Canadian and US universities and the pre-requisites for various programs helped tremendously during my college application process. FA guided me in developing an academic/ career plan consisent with my goals, interests and abilities.

Vandana Mahajan of FA was very professional and responded very quickly to all queries. She was able to communicate with clarity on all aspects of the application process. I was able to make the right choice based on her recommendations.”

  • Samit, Khalsa, University of Western Ontario, HBA program 2016

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to the FUTURES ABROAD, especially Vandana Mahajan and Kanchan Ralhan Mam. I can’t thank Vandana mam enough for  all the help and support throughout the process. They are an amazing team and honest in counseling students. I would gladly recommend the future abroad to my kith and kin for application and visa filling. You guys do a great job and thanks once again.”

  • Kanchan Warraich


“Mrs. Vandana has been of great help for my future studies. Her knowledge on the Universities of Canada are extensive, which was extremely helpful. She guided me and made sure everything I did was correct. She took out time for all my small doubts and made sure that I had understood every single useful detail regarding my admissions. Also because of her connection with professionals, she was able to push my case forward with ease. She was kind and informative which was of great relief when I got stuck in some areas. Because of her aid I got admission in the University of my first choice. My dreams of studying abroad have been fulfilled by her and for that I am ever grateful.”

  • Utkarsh Prakash, Student | University


“It is with my deepest gratitude and honor to write this review for Mrs. Vandana Mahajan. Throughout the transaction she was very polite and courteous. And unlike most agents, she didn’t bombard me with irrelevant information. She always kept a track on me to see if was adhering to the appropriate procedure. I am very grateful to Mrs. Vandana for her valueable advice and for constantly nudging me to stick to the right procedure, which ultimately led to my admission at the university I desired to be in.”

  • Abdul Qadeer

“Vandana’s professionalism and knowledge of higher education in Canada, combined with her passion to support young people to pursue their university dreams is unparalleled. She is able to provide expert advice in all admission related aspects – be it in choosing an appropriate course of study, the application process, interactions with the university etc. What is most reassuring and special about Vandana is the support she provides to students new to the university and to the country. Her advice makes difficult things look really simple and easy and she goes out of her way to personally help individual students. Her knowledge of Canadian Universities based on her vast experience of working with them, combined with her understanding of the educational landscape in India is an excellent combination for any student/ parent seeking advice. I say this as an educator and a parent who has experienced this first hand. She clearly is a one stop shop for higher education in Canada!”

  • Vanita Uppal OBE, Director | The British School, New Delhi.


“I met Vandana at the Mississauga campus of U of T. We had the opportunity to chat and since that day she was always ready to help me whenever I needed, not just in the educational field but in the personal too. I had the opportunity to be part of a great research group during the summer thanks to her connections with the professionals at UTM. I had such a good time in Canada, one year that will change my life forever, made me see myself and the world in a different way and will certainly upgrade my résumé.Thank you and good luck with your business!”

  • Taise Lima, Science without Border student | University of Toronto


“The first time I spoke to Vandana was over the phone. Since the first time I called her, she has been of great help to me in finding me the right place to live at. Because of my late admission, I was having a great deal of a problem in finding myself a place at University of Toronto residence, however, Vandana successfully managed to find me a place through her links at UTM. Also, I was amazed to see how quickly the whole process occurred and I only had to wait a few days. Furthermore, Vandana has been extremely supportive in terms of educational and personal issues. I’m grateful to have met her and I want to thank her for all the help and support that she has provided me with.”

  • Mansha Chadha, Student, 2013 | University of Toronto


“I am really grateful to Mrs. Vandana Mahajan for guiding my way for foreign studies by directing me to the University of Toronto for my Business Management program. I have dreamt of studying in Canada and it came true only with the help of Vandana Ma’m. My experience with Vandana Ma’m was one of excellent service, prompt and accurate guidance throughout the process of admission. She has proved to be the benefactor in my admission.”

  • Damandeep Singh, Student 2014 | University of Toronto


“I was introduced to Vandana by my educational counsellor in Dubai. subsequently, I interacted with Vandana for a period of 6 months when she assisted me in a transfer to a different stream of education in Toronto. I found Vandana as being a proactive individual who is quite well informed about the education system in Canada, very encouraging and gave excellent guidance counselling. I benefitted from Vandana’s advice by being introduced to other students in a similar stream of education and receiving additional information as well.”

  • Dev Chaudhury, Student, 2014 | University of Toronto


“My experience with Futures Abroad has been great. I received highly professional service and excellent career guidance. I would recommend Futures Abroad for all those aiming to apply for Ivy League universities.”

  • Raghav Sharma, Student 2014 | Harvard University


“My experience with Futures Abroad has been great. I received highly professional service and excellent career guidance. I would recommend Futures Abroad for all those aiming to apply for Ivy League universities.”

  • Shalini Gupta, Student 2014 | University of Pennsylvania


“Vandana was extremely knowledgeable of the university admissions process, she provided sound advice, diligent guidance and it was overall a pleasure working with her.” Thank you Vandana and all the best.”

  • Divij Rampal, Student, Dubai 2014 | York University, Canada


“I was referred to Mrs. Mahajan by a friend of mine. I was studying in Jindal Law School in India and I wanted to transfer to University of Toronto or York University. When I spoke to her for the first time, I had a feeling that I would get into either of the universities. She helped me do all the application process and guided me for Visa application as well. I had none of my relatives in Canada and knew nothing about the application process. It was Mrs. Mahajan who made all the work and procedures so easy that I hardly felt loss at any stage. First, she got me into York, and I was pretty happy. After a few days, she called me to congratulate about getting into UTM. It was unbelievable for me to get into both of the universities and pick the one I wanted to go to. She is one person I believe who always sticks by her words. I thank her to get me into the most prestigious university and Canada and helping me create a brighter future.”

  • Mohit Peshwani, Student | York University, Canada