Canada has been consistently rated as the No.1 country in the world to live and work in. It is the world’s second largest country, rich in natural resources including oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia. Canada is a land of immigrants and Canadian’s are very warm and welcoming people. Canadian’s are regarded as one of the most modest people across the globe with great appreciation for the immigrants entering Canada. Canada is a large country and in need of immigrants.

Canada is a Democratic socialist country where there is low inequality. Government provides a lot of support to the low income group.
Canada’s health care is publicly (tax-payer) funded and health care is free.

Canada is home to world class universities and high schools. The OECD compared the performance of school students in 65 countries in mathematics, reading and science. Canadian students were rated very high. Students in Canadian schools performed better than students from any other English speaking country.

For people with professional skills, good work experience and good standard of English or French, qualifying for residence is a strong possibility.

Furthermore, Canada is the world’s second biggest country, rich in natural resources including oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia.

There are different Categories under which one could seek immigration in Canada:

  • Immigrant Investors
  • Family Sponsorships
  • Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Express Entry
  • Start-Up visa
  • Self Employed
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Caregivers

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