This Summeroutshine be a part of University of Toronto, Canada’s #1 University!
June 8-19th 2014

A unique 10 day experience for students in grades 9-11 that asks you to solve real-world, complex problems using Rotman’s Integrative Thinking tools. You will be challenged to think outside the box!

Join ‘Outshine’ for an experience in which you’ll learn about how successful leaders think, and how you can use this approach to engage with an ambiguous and changing world. You’ll explore your own thinking, and try new tools for solving wicked problems.

In an increasingly complex world, we’ll need new and different ways to tackle our biggest problems. This Institute offers an approach built on the work of Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

His theory, called Integrative Thinking, involves the critical examination of the conventional wisdom that forces us into unpalatable either-or choices and explores innovative ways to obtain the benefits of multiple, often seemingly incompatible, solutions.

This is not all. Join Outshine and avail the opportunity

  • To be a part of the leading University, Top most Secondary School and Business School in Canada
  • Prepare yourself to be a Global Business Leader
  • Get first hand experience of working in a Social Enterprise in Toronto
  • Experience Toronto and the Universities in the region
  • Experience University Life in the Topmost University of the Canada and Globally
  • Get free profile assessment by admission expert in University of Toronto

Earn Experience while pursuing the program!

As a part of the program students will have the unique opportunity of working with a Toronto based Social Enterprise, which supports “start ups” and will get an opportunity to learn first hand their current state of development and the issues they are facing. During the program students will work in teams, will apply their learning directly to this Social Enterprise and will consider many dimensions of their business model.

The students will learn how the Social Enterprise contributes to the urban environment and social and economic development in the city. They will develop different models, which might be pursued to tackle their challenges and will learn to apply the principles of Integrative Thinking to this complex business problem.

Integrative Thinkers ‘are able to keep ‘the big picture’ in mind while they work on the individual parts of the problem and find creative resolutions to the tensions inherent in the problem.’

The students will actually have an opportunity to visit the client and hear first hand what their challenge is and then over the course of the program develop a solution to “pitch” to the client on the final day!

Come and be a part of this award winning Summer program designed for high achieving students in Grade 9, 10 and 11.

Get more detailed information on: http://www.utschools.ca/utseducation/summerprograms.aspx
Have some questions contact: vandana@futuresabroad.com
Space is limited and the applications will close January 15th. Apply online : https://summer.utschools.ca