university_of_torontoRanked #1 in Canada, University of Toronto is best known for its unparalleled intellectual environment and its magnificent campus.

Areas of Specialization for Engineering in University of Toronto are:

• Civil Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Materials Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mineral Engineering Science
• Industrial (Systems) Engineering
• Electrical and Computer Engineering

It is competitive to get into the faculty of engineering in University of Toronto. Aspirants need to get high scores between 85 to 90% in their high school level with strong marks in their pre-requisite courses in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

It is ranked #20 in the world and admission is competitive. Students who wish to do engineering in University of Toronto can rely on counseling support from the Futures Abroad team. For admission into a Canadian University, one of the primary requirements is the English language proficiency. Hence, students must clear the TOEFL or IELTS or an equivalent examination with satisfactory score. You DO NOT need SAT’s to qualify for admissions unless you are a student pursuing the US curriculum in high school.

We counsel students, help them focus on quality education and assist them in applying to Top Universities across the world.

Our team assesses the aptitude of the students and advices you on the university choices/ options most suitable to you. We assist in preparing a quality application. Once you arrive in Canada our office in Toronto helps you in the transition and provides support every step of the way.

Our office also helps you get work permits and applies for immigration upon graduation.
Admission time varies and all depends on the programs you apply for; Bachelor, Masters or PhD. The entry dates are September of each year. Contact us for more information, personal counseling and admissions guidance.