mc-gillCanada’s Top University for 9 years. Ranked 21st in the world, McGill University offers more than 300 programs of study.

McGill University is one of Canada’s best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading universities in the world. With students coming to McGill from some 150 countries, our student body is the most internationally diverse of any research-intensive university in the country. McGill was founded in 1821 and since then, they’ve grown from a small college to a bustling university with two campuses, 11 faculties, some 300 programs of study, and more than 37,500 students. The University also partners with four affiliated teaching hospitals to graduate over 1,000 health care professionals each year.


Its located in Montreal which is in the province of Quebec. Montreal is known as one of the world’s most student-friendly cities and is approx. 600 kms from Toronto.


McGill is made up of eleven Faculties and eleven Schools, offering every program you can think of from law, to music, to religious studies. It offers more than 300 programs to choose from.

Admissions Criteria


Admission is always subject to the availability of places in a particular program. The entrance requirements are determined by your educational background and the category of admission requested.

Admission decisions are based on your academic record in your most recent academic year, as well as performance in the prerequisite courses, depending on the program. All required marks are taken into consideration in determining admission, including those for failed or repeated courses.

Generally speaking, extracurricular activities are not significant in the admission decision, although they are an important factor in the awarding of certain entrance scholarships.


If you are an international applicant please see below the list of required documents for admission:

  • Academic transcripts of the two most recent academic years
  • Proof of English proficiency, viz. TOEFL or IELTS test results sent officially by the testing body
  • The application must be submitted within the application deadline.
    • Some programs have earlier deadlines. Make sure all the documents are submitted within the deadline
  • Some programs like Engineering and Business may require you to fill out the supplementary application in addition to the main application





School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Course Name Awards
B.Sc. in Agricultural and Environmental Science Degree



Bachelor of Commerce

Course Name Course Name
Management Managing for sustainability
Accounting Marketing
Economics Mathematics for Management Studies
Eco. & Accounting Operations Management
Entrepreneurship Organizational Behaviour
Finance Statistics for Management Students
Information Systems Strategic Management
International Management Strategic Management- Global Strategy
Investment Management
Labour Management Relations



Course Name Awards
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
B.Sc. in Agricultural and Environmental Science Degree



Multi Track Programs with a major concentration in Arts & a major concentration in Science

Environment Psuychology
Geography Cognitive Science
Sustainability, Science & Society


BA & Sc. Program for Faculty of Arts

Anthropology Economics Political Science
Art History English Psychology
Communication Studies Geography Sociology
International development Studies German Language International Relations
Women studies History World Religion and more……..


BA & Sc. Program for Faculty of Science

Atmospheric Sciences Earth and Planetary Science Psychology
Biology Environment Psychology
Chemistry Geography Interdisciplinary Life Sciences
Computer Science Mathematics & Statistics
Software Engineering Physics




Doctor of Dental Medicine

Five-Year Undergraduate Program

Students first complete a dental preparatory (DENT-P) year in the Faculty of Science, then proceed into the first year of the four-year program.

Four-Year Undergraduate Program

Leading to the degree of DMD, basic and applied sciences are taught in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine in the first 18 months of the program. Students then complete 7 months of pre-clinical training followed by 2 years of clinical training.

Learning outside the classroom

Students’ spend their first two years on the McGill campus, then transfer for the last two years of the program to their new state-of-the-art facility. The Faculty of Dentistry’s new dental clinic is at the cutting edge of dental education with the latest high-tech simulation technologies, teaching equipment and learning spaces. In your clinical years, you will also rotate through various hospital departments including Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry and the McGill Pain Centre. In addition, you will provide oral health service to various groups including the most vulnerable through dental outreach programs in underprivileged communities.

Degrees offered

• D.M.D.

• M.Sc.

• Ph.D.



The Faculty offers a variety of programs for both the kindergarten-elementary and the secondary levels, as well as three specialist programs in second language, music and physical and health education that prepare students to teach at both the elementary and secondary level.


Students who possess an undergraduate degree in an area that is taught at the secondary level may be interested in the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL), a 15 month program which leads to teacher certification.

B.Sc. (Kinesiology):

Kinesiology, the “study of movement” also known as exercise, sport, or movement science, is a multidisciplinary field which considers the sociological, psychological, and developmental perspectives of physical activity and sports while examining the biological and mechanical foundations of movement. This versatile B.Sc. program provides students with a breadth of theoretical knowledge applied to human movement from anatomy to ergonomics and practical experiences. Career outcomes may be found in the areas of ergonomics, protective equipment design, health and lifestyle counseling, physical fitness evaluation, exercise prescription and supervision, as well as sport administration. The program also allows the opportunity for related specialization through minor programs available in other departments in the university while providing an excellent background for advanced studies in all aspects of kinesiology, in physical and occupational therapy, or medicine.

B.Ed. Kindergarten & Elementary:

This program prepares students for the elementary school classroom. A concentration in Jewish studies and a concentration in Pédagogie de l’Immersion Française is available to students admitted into this program. A concentration in First Nations and Inuit studies is available for first nations students.

B.Ed. Secondary:

Students choose from one of four domains: English, Mathematics, Science & Technology or Social Sciences.

B.Ed. Physical and Health Education:

This specialist program prepares students to teach and promote dynamic physical and health education programs in school settings.

B.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language:

This specialist program provides students with a broad liberal education and allows them to study language and language learning from linguistic, social, cultural and psychological perspectives.

Concurrent B.Mus. and B.Ed.:

This program prepares students to teach music at the elementary and secondary levels and is designed to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a B.Mus. degree and a B.Ed. degree.

Degrees offered

• B.Ed.

• Concurrent B.Mus. and B.Ed.

• B.Sc. (Kinesiology)

• M.A.

• M.Ed.

• M.L.I.S.


• Ph.D.


Course Name Award
Bachelor of Engineering• Bioengineering

• Chemical Engineering

• Civil Engineering

• Computer Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Co-op Mining Engineering

• Co-op Materials Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Architecture BSc.
Bachelor of Software Engineering B.S.E



Course Name Award
Bachelor of Arts in Environment• Ecological determinants of health in society

• Economics & the Earths Environment

• Environment & Development

Bachelor of Science in Environment BSc.
Bachelor of Arts & Science• Environment

• Sustainability, Science & Society

B.A.& Sc.BSc. In Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

• Biodiversity & Conservation

• Ecological determinants of health-Cellular

• Ecological determinants of health-Population

• Environmetrics

• Food production & Environment

• Land surface processes & Environmental Challenge

• Renewable Resource Management

• Water environments & Ecosystems- Biological

• Water environments & Ecosystems- PhysicalBSc.(Ag.Env.Sc)


Diploma in Environment

For students with an undergraduate degree who wish to enrich or reorient their training through additional undergraduate level course work.

This degree can be undertaken through the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, or the Faculty of 
Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.

Graduate Option in Environment:

The School of Environment coordinates a Graduate Option in Environment that is offered as part of Master’s and Ph.D. programs in several departments in the faculties of Arts, Science, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Law, and Medicine.


With the oldest Faculty of Law in the country and one of the world’s most prestigious, McGill is at the vanguard of legal education. Allowing you to graduate with both civil and common law degrees, the McGill Integrated Program offers a unique and novel approach to understanding law. With a background in both of the Western world’s legal traditions, you’ll have the flexibility of practicing law in any province in Canada or choosing an international career. While you’re studying, you’ll get a chance to apply what you’ve learned through a wide range of court clerkships, clinical programs and human rights internships.

The McGill Program:

This unique 105-credit program leads to graduation with both Civil and Common Law degrees (B.C.L. and LL.B.). The Program is further enhanced by three options students can pursue to broaden perspectives and expertise: McGill Program with Minor in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science, McGill Program with Major Concentration, or McGill Program with Honours.

Course Name Award
Concurrent Bachelor of Civil Law and Bachelor of Laws
• Bachelor of Civil Laws and Bachelor of Law
• Bachelor of Civil Laws and Bachelor of Law with Minor
• Commercial Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
• International Human Rights Development
• Joint Master of Business Administration Law/M.B.A.
• Joint Master of Social Work Law/M.S.W.


Degrees offered

• Concurrent B.C.L. and LL.B.

• LL.M.

• D.C.L.

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