medical-education-india-300x241In the recent past, there is increased internationalization and students are showing interest in pursuing different areas of studies including medicine in Canada. Canadian universities are famous for their world-class education, research facilities and reputed faculty. Universities are ranked very well for all their programs including programs in Medicine in Canada. Pursuing Medicine in Canada offers great career prospects hence increased interest in the students across the globe. Universities offer the degree programs while the colleges offer more specialized diploma and certificate programs in medicine. What make Canada unique are the hands on research experience provided by the universities to students pursuing medicine in Canada. Canadian institutions invest heavily in the research facilities and the quality of professors to make this experience unique.

Medical courses

Medicine is a very vast area and there are several courses offered by universities and colleges in the field of Medicine. Courses range from pre-medicine, degree in medicine, paramedics, nursing, forensic science, cardiovascular sonography, oncology, medical laboratory technician and more…..

Medicine in Canada and related programs are offered several times a year in most institutions and has set criteria for admission. Seats are limited and the demand for courses related to medicine in Canada is on the increase. Most of these courses offer internship and/or Co-op opportunities within Canada. There is a demand for medical graduates in the country hence the prospects of getting a job is high.

Medical universities in Canada

There are several universities in Canada offering Medicine and related programs. The list of medical schools in Canada includes:

  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Manitoba
  • Memorial University of New Foundland
  • University of Toronto
  • Queens University
  • Dalhousie University
  • McGill University
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • York University

In order to study medicine in Canada students can avail advisory services offered by Futures Abroad. We focus on your profile and offer you advise based on your profile and focus on institutions that suit your career goals.Canadian universities such as the University of British Columbia, Queen’s school of medicine, McGill University, University of Toronto, and other such renowned universities offer various courses in the field of Medicine. Our office in Toronto works closely with the universities and colleges in Canada and provides you up to date information on admission, scholarships, visa guidance, accommodation assistance and more.

Affordable education

Canadian education is affordable compared to other countries. Canada is one of the safest and affordable countries to pursue higher education. It offers various study programs at budget-friendly rate.

Admissions are primarily based on grades. Students need not appear for any exams except for TOEFL and IELTS test or equivalent. They must hold good marks and qualify these tests to take admission in the top-notch universities in the Canada.