Tips on Choosing The Right University/Program

Choosing the right university and the right program are essential to your future. No one comes to the decision lightly. But there are some things that you should think about before choosing.

1.Remember Where You Are From. Did you go to a small school in a small town? An all-girls or boys school? Keep in mind where you are from and what you are accustomed to when making a decision on a university. You don’t have to begin in a completely different atmosphere. There are quality colleges in small towns.

2.  Consider Why You Are Going To School. Are you going to college because you want to? Are you going because your parents are expecting you to? Why you are going is every bit as important as where you are going.

3.  What Kind of School Should You Choose? Many of those going to college choose to attend a two year college before going to a university. Much of this decision can be attributed to finances. The cost of general coursework is less at a two year college and can be transferred to a university.

4.  Where Should You Go? No, not the name of the college. What country and city do you want to live in? There are some towns where the college is the main attraction and everything is geared around the university and catering to college students is their only reason for existence. Is that your environment? Or do you prefer a college situated in a bustling town where the college just happens to be located? Answer this one question and you have made a major step towards your decision.

5. What Do You Want to Do? Think about what you like to do, what your interests are. What subjects are you best in? Self-analysis will help you decide what you want to study. What type of environment do you want to work in? Indoors our outside? Or do you prefer working with your hands?

6. What College Offers the Best Program?Once you decide what you want to study, you should choose the right college for that program. Every college is known for turning out the best students with certain degrees. You may want to go to University X because of the name and/or a sports program, but University Y may actually offer a better program of study for you. Do your investigating of the colleges that offer the best degree for you.

7. Is it Accredited?  When you are researching universities and degrees, make sure that the university is accredited. You may spend a lot of money and time getting your degree, but if the college isn’t accredited, the degree may end up being a pretty piece of paper.

8. What Can You Do? When deciding on a program of study, be aware of what professions your degree qualifies you to do. Consider how much time you want to spend in college. Consider a degree in Psychology. Before you can practice as a psychologist you must have a Ph.D. Are you prepared to dedicate that time and money to college?

9.  Do You Like School? University and high school are worlds apart. Just because you didn’t enjoy high school doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in college. In college you are your own boss, but still held accountable for attending class, and maintaining a certain G.P.A.

10.  Will the Job You Want Be In Demand?Once you choose the right school, and right degree, take some time to discover if the profession your degree will qualify you for is in demand. It will do little good to graduate from a great university with a wonderful degree only to find that no one is hiring in that field.

When choosing a university and degree program keep in mind what fits with you and your personality. It’s important to be happy with what you choose. That happiness will make your success all the sweeter.

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