Caribbean Island has some world-class medical schools which are recognized by their local governments and awarded as the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

Studying medicine in the Caribbean has become increasingly popular for international students who wish to study medicine. It is known to offer quality medical programs at an affordable cost, especially for those students who are looking for an alternative to USA, UK or any other expensive destination.

What Caribbean Island offers

Today there are about 60 medical schools in the Caribbean which offer medical studies programs in English, aimed at international students.

Caribbean Island is a place full of beauty with the diverse community. The main charm to study medicine in the Caribbean island is its astounding natural beauty with a sensational ecosystem.

There are about 60 medical schools in the Caribbean which offer medical studies programs in English, aimed at international students.

Preparation for USMLE

If students eventually plan to practice medicine in USA, it is compulsory to pass the USMLE Examination. The United States Medical Licensing Examination ® (USMLE®) is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the U.S. The USMLE assesses a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles, and to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills, that are important in health and disease and that constitute the basis of safe and effective patient care. Caribbean medical schools prepare you for USMLE and play a large part in readying students for the exam.

Medical School Requirements and Cost of Study in Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Medical School has 5 ½ years MD degree (Pre-med, Basic sciences and clinical sciences) program. For 5 ½ years MD degree program, they require a high school or secondary school diploma with the credits in science subjects (i.e., chemistry, biology, and physics), mathematics or calculus, and English.

Approx Tuition Fees (1 Year)

Pre-Med $10,000
Basic Sciences $15,000
Clinical Sciences $20,000 – $25,000

Universities in the Caribbean Islands

Top ranking universities in the Caribbean Islands

  • American University of Barbados
  • American University of Integrative Sciences
  • American University of the Caribbean
  • Trinity School of Medicine
  • Avalon University School of Medicine
Futures Abroad represents the following Educational Institutions in the Caribbean Islands
 Educational InstitutionWebsite
The American University of Integrative Sciences: AUIS
American University of Barbados


List of top universities in the Caribbean Islands:

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