Europe is an upcoming study destination. Over 1.4 million students from around the world came to Europe in 2012 for their higher education and the numbers are growing every year. With 1000s of world-class universities, research centres and higher education institutions, Europe is the place to be.

Why Europe?

  • Europe has world-leading universities, top facilities and inspirational teaching. In Europe, you’re at the centre of an international community with a passion for learning. What makes European universities so strong is the emphasis on creativity, innovation and support – helping you to reach your true potential.
  • Europe is a great place to study and to gain the skills, knowledge and experience that employers value. With strong international business, creative and research sectors, Europe is a great place to build your career.
  • There are 24 official languages in the European Union and that most countries across Europe of-fer study programmes in English too? You’ll also find programmes taught in other leading global business languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and more.
  • Europe’s universities and colleges offer support and social activities to help you feel at home and happy. Europe is also a great place to live and is 7 of the 10 happiest countries in the world.

Scholarships and costs: Great value for money

European countries invest in their higher education systems to help make education affordable for students, whilst maintaining high quality standards. Across Europe, tuition fees and living costs compare very well to other study destinations. In fact, in some European countries, study pro-grammes are free of charge! There are lots of scholarships and financial options available too.

Diversity: Study the way you want

The beauty of Europe is that it offers so much choice. With world-class universities, higher educa-tion institutions and research institutes, offering 100,000s of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and PhD/Doctoral programmes, plus short term study opportunities, you can choose the experience that suits you.

Pioneering research

Are you an ambitious researcher looking to boost your career? Europe offers you great opportuni-ties. There were 1.58 million full time equivalent researchers in the EU-27 in 2009. Over the next decade, the European Union is actively looking to attract an additional 1 million researchers! There is a lot of research funding and scholarships available across Europe.

Top 3 Study Destinations in Europe

Higher Education in Germany

  • Number of higher education institutions:450
  • Language of instruction:Most higher education programmes in Germany are taught in German language but you will find a wide variety of English Taught Programmes.
  • Typical tuition fees:Public higher education institutions normally waive tuition fees for most Bachelor´s and many Master´s degree programmes. Fees are charged for certain Master´s degree programmes and private universities also charge tuition fees – but most offer scholarship options too.

Average length of a full-time higher education programme in Germany:

Bachelor’s degree programme: 3 years
Master’s degree programme: 2 years
Doctorate/PhD: 3 – 5 years

Higher Education in Poland

  • Number of higher education institutions:428
  • Number of students in higher education: 1,469,386 (2014, Central Statistical Office of Poland)
  • Number of international students in higher education: 46,101 (2014, Central Statistical Office of Poland)
  • Language of instruction:There are more than 5000 courses in Poland taught in Polish language and more than 700 courses taught in foreign languages (mainly English).
  • Typical tuition fees: All other international students are required to pay tuition fees that are, on average:
    • EUR 2000 per year for first, second and long cycle studies
    • EUR 3000 per year for doctoral, postgraduate and medical postgraduate internships, as well as scientific, arts, specialist and post-doctoral internships
    • EUR 3000 per year for vocational courses and apprenticeships
    • EUR 2000 per year for an annual preparatory Polish language course to commence studies in Polish.
  • Fees at public and non-public HEIs are established by the institution itself. Tuition fees range from EUR 2000 to 6000 per year and depend on the institution and study program (for MBA programmes, the cost is on average EUR 8000-12,000 per year).

Average length of a full-time higher education programme in Poland:

Bachelor’s degree programme: 3 – 3.5 years
Master’s degree programme: 2 – 6 years
Doctorate/PhD: 3 years

Higher Education in the Netherlands

  • Number of higher education institutions: 62
  • Language of instruction: The Netherlands offers more than 2100 English-taught study programmes and courses covering a broad range of fields. All programmes and courses lead to a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral/PhD degree, a diploma or certificate. For those students who master the Dutch language, the Netherlands also offers many different programmes in Dutch.
  • Typical tuition fees: In the Netherlands tuition fees are relatively low, compared with English-speaking countries. Typical tuition fee for non EU-students:
    • Bachelor’s degree: (average) €6,000 – €15,000
    • Master’s degree (average) €8,000 – € 20,000

Average length of a full-time higher education programme in the Netherlands:

Bachelor’s degree programme: 3 – 4 years
Master’s degree programme: 1 – 2 years
Doctorate/PhD: 4 years

This article was first published in Gulf News on … 2019.

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