“We have been successful in guiding over 13,000 students in finding their career path over the years. Being a successful entrepreneur in India and having worked at the Top most University in Canada for seven years has given me an in-depth understanding of the needs of the institutions as well as the students. ‘Futures Abroad’ was started with a vision to create a platform for the Universities and students to seek information. On the one hand, we would like to assist the universities in finding their way in emerging markets like India, Middle East, Pakistan, China etc… and on the other, we would like to work with students and give them information about the universities and the programs they offer. Our goal is to work closely with Universities on one hand and students on the other. Our passion is to give sound advice to students and help them in building successful careers. We have done this for many years and we are confident that we will continue fulfilling our dreams and yours in the years to come. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and hope we succeed with you as we move along.”

We assist in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe admissions



Our Professional Team

Vandana Mahajan


Futures Abroad is North America’s unique education consulting group founded by Ms. Vandana Mahajan, former Director the International Liaison University of Toronto.

With over 20 years of experience in working with Top universities and counseling students. Futures Abroad provides students with personalized counseling catering to their needs and assisting them in creating pathways to academic success. We work closely with our clients and pay special attention to every minute detail that is essential for your success. Ms. Mahajan works closely with the universities and is on the Board of several Top universities providing assistance in student admissions and building strategy. Having worked with a Top University for several years gives her and her team an edge in assisting students in University placements.

FUTURES ABROAD has offices in Canada, New-Delhi and in Dubai. Futures Abroad is certified by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and by ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) and International Consultants certifying body.

We have an experienced team of counselors who are experienced, knowledgeable and approachable. They understand your enthusiasm and will walk the extra mile to help you identify the institution that will help you develop your highest potential, the course best suited to your career plans.

Kanchan Ralhan


The India office is headed by Mrs. Kanchan Ralhan. She has a decade of experience in counseling students and working with families in providing career guidance. She has a lateral thinking mind to grasp the innumerable choices of careers and opportunities. With in-depth experience, breadth of knowledge and information she aligns the interests and passion of students and gives the best solutions which suit the profile of the student for their future career path.

Karishma Mansukhani

Marketing and Student Recruitment Specialist

Ms. Karishma has worked extensively with top schools in the UAE. She has liaised with career counselors and has promoted several undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Canada, UK and Australia. She has also assisted students in completing their university application objectives, has created effective action plans and has ensured scholarships for well deserving students. She also has an active role in monitoring the online presence of the company and building effective digital marketing strategies.

Amie de Guia

Admissions Counselor

Amie is the admissions counselor for universities in Canada, UK and Malaysia. Amie has previously worked with Education Malaysia, which is wholly owned by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. She has a strong understanding of requirements and application procedures for Malaysian Universities, and has recruited several students for the same. Amie has also assisted students in completing their visa applications for Canada, USA, Malaysia and UK.

Christina Praveen

Admissions Counselor

Christina is the Admissions counsellor for universities in Europe, Turkey & Cyprus, she counsels students on requirements, application procedures & visa processing. She does cross country comparisons for medical programs to make the students know their eligibility and also make them understand to join the best university.

Silja Abraham

Admissions Counselor

Silja is an education counselor and has a wide experience in the field of overseas education and counseling students for different countries. She helps in creating an attractive University application based on the requirements and the profile of the students.

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