Summer is an important time for a child to develop his social skills and enhance their learning experience outside of the classroom. You don’t want to spend the entire summer playing on the gadgets or watching TV.

5 reasons why summer camps are important

Summer programs
  • It is an opportunity to Travel to a different country or within the same country but in a different environment and space
  • It is a unique opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends
  • A fantastic few weeks of gaining a new skill or enhancing your learning experience. It will depend on the kind of camp you choose to pursue and the kind of experience you wish to gain
  • It enhances a sense of independence when you live independently and do everything yourself for a week or more
  • It inculcates the sense of Time Management

How to choose a good summer program?

Summer programs are of various kinds:

  • Sports-focused
  • Academic focused without credits
  • Art-Focused
  • Adventure Focused
  • Academic focused with credits
  • University preparation programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Entrepreneurship programs

It all depends on which stage of schooling you are in and at what kind of experience you would like to have. Summer programs enhance your learning profile and add value to your application. It is considered by universities an as a valuable learning experience. It is important to choose a program which will add to your learning experience so please do your research, shortlist the programs and communicate with them to understand the structure.

Some competitive schools require you to apply at least a few months ahead of the summer. There is an application process and at times an interview process as well in order to be selected. Do your research and study in the best summer program possible.

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