Medical education isn’t an easy career choice. It takes a lot to be able to study medicine and excel in it.

Becoming a doctor is great career choice but requires good preparation. Here’s the lowdown:

Choosing the right medical school is almost as important as choosing the right major. There are great medical schools around the world, giving prospective doctors many options to complete their degrees. But which country is the best to study medicine? To add an increased level of difficulty, many schools only accept local students, and the schools that are open to international students only accept a small percentage of those who apply. Those who are interested in one of the top schools in the U.S. are in luck though. Most of the top U.S. universities accept foreign students.

There are several great universities worldwide providing options for studying medicine. Harvard, Stanford, and Yale are among the best in the world. England also offers some of the best medical programs at the Imperial College of London, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. Studying medicine overseas can provide students with an invaluable experience and quality education.

Which country is the best to study medicine?

There are a lot of Eastern European and Asian countries, such as Europe, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Caribbean and Georgia that have been alternative destinations to study MBBS. Students have been going to these destinations for decades now, and making successful medical careers. However, Europe has been a favorite destination for most students, mostly because of the quality of education, direct entry in MBBS, immigration laws and cost of pursuing medicine.

Various courses offered in Europe are:

  • Medicine: Medical courses lasts six years; released title is a Doctor of Medicine(MBBS)
  • Dental: Dental duration of the courses is five years; released title Graduate Dentistry(BDS)
  • Paediatrics: Course last six years; released title is Doctor
  • Nursing: Course lasts two years; released title is a Nursing degree
  • Orthopedic Dental: Course lasts two years; released title is a Bachelor of Dental Orthopedics
  • Postgraduate studies: The study duration is two to three years

Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are first entry programs and have created a
special policy to attract foreign students. The tuition fee is lower in public funded universities. You have the option of staying for a fixed period after completing your degree.

“There are great medical schools around the world, giving prospective doctors many options to complete their degrees”

Malaysia is also an attractive destination for pursuing MBBS with a direct entry programs after high school. It is one of the most economical destinations for pursuing medicine with pathway programs to Canada, U.K. and Australia.
Under the transfer program the student does the first two years at medical school in Kuala Lumpur and then finish schooling at one of 26 partner medical schools in Australia, the U.K., Ireland, Canada or the U.S.

Getting ahead

While you are in school, there are several ways you can add value to your resume. Good grades are only one piece of the puzzle. Employers are often swamped with hundreds of applications for every job, and recent graduates wind up on the bottom of the pile unless their resumes shine. Here are some tips for beating the competition:

  • Build your Network
  • Be a part of Social Networking – be visible
  • Join medical students clubs and organizations
  • Volunteer
  • Cultivate interesting hobbies
  • Get published

Landing a residency position after you graduate can be challenging, but with a strong academic record, an established professional network, and details on your application that make you more interesting and attractive, you’ll really stand out from competition.

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